Triad 8" Audio Series 2 Dual In Ceiling Speaker - Single Unit

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Triad’s IC82DT speaker offers homeowners the refined, musical quality of Triad speakers for their whole home. This speaker is built around a reinforced poly-mica woofer for superior bass and aimable Tetoron-dome tweeters for a full, natural sound.

All Distributed Audio Series 2 speakers are voice / timbre matched—allowing homeowners to mix and match speakers within the series to meet the needs of each room while providing identical tonal qualities throughout the home.

The Triad IC82DT incorporates dual tweeters and a woofer with dual voice coils into a single speaker design, perfect for delivering stereo sound into smaller rooms.

Distributed Audio Series 2 speakers ship with white, round, frameless grills that are low profile and look great. The grill attaches to the speaker via hidden neodymium magnets embedded in the speaker baffle for fast installation and a snug custom finished fit. Custom paint-matched round or square grills are available separately and painted at the factory for a perfect finish that blends seamlessly with any interior design.


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