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Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

Bathroom speakers are great for when you need to catch up with the news in the shower or lie back and listen to some smooth tunes. Bathrooms typically don't have space for speakers, so in-ceiling speakers that come equipped with an IP rating will work best of all options available. Especially if the bathroom ceiling speakers are passive transducers only requiring an amp through speaker cable input (although active units do exist).

There are many reasons to choose ceiling speakers as a way to listen to music in your bathroom. They are easy to install, they provide great sound quality, and they are relatively inexpensive. Additionally, bathroom ceiling speakers are less likely to get wet or damaged than traditional speakers.

We offer a range of bathroom ceiling speakers from brands such as Bowers & Wilkins, Q Acoustics, Sonos, Sonance, Episode, KEF and Triad.

You will need to power each ceiling speaker with an external amplifier via a speaker cable.

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How Many Ceiling Speakers Do I Need Per Room?

It depends on the size of the room and how loud you want the sound to be. In general, you will need at least two mono ceiling speakers and 1 single stereo speaker for a small room, and four or more mono speakers or 2 single stereo speakers for a large room. If you want to fill the room with sound, then you may need even more speakers. Consider using multiple speaker zones if you have a large room or if you want to control the volume in different areas of the room.
You will also need an external amplifier or controller which will be connected to each speaker through a speaker cable.

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